SurveyMonkey launches Build with AI survey-creation feature

Online surveys firm, SurveyMonkey, has released Build with AI, a new survey-creation feature powered by AI research and deployment company, OpenAI. Build with AI, the newest capability in the SurveyMonkey Genius line-up of AI-enabled features, allows users to create surveys from just a written description, automating and accelerating the survey creation process. Build with AI is available now and is free for all SurveyMonkey users.

With Build with AI, anyone can create tailored surveys and forms in as little as 30 seconds by typing a description of the desired survey or the feedback goal. The feature also offers a selection of prompts for popular feedback and research use cases that can be used instead of self-drafted descriptions. Users can then review the automatically-generated survey, edit as needed and send.

The feature is available in more than 50 languages, and is integrated with existing SurveyMonkey Genius AI features, including AI capabilities across the survey creation, collection and analysis user experience.

“There is one common attribute in most AI-driven applications: speed,” said SurveyMonkey CEO, Eric Johnson. “While speed is critical in today’s environment, you can’t sacrifice accuracy, especially when you are using AI at work. We’ve got one of the world’s biggest survey datasets, and we’re leveraging it to help our users create and deploy methodologically sound surveys that will yield useful insights faster than ever before. Our tools have always helped deliver key insights in a timely manner. Today, we are doubling down on that, employing artificial intelligence combined with the depth and breadth of our proprietary dataset to help people make impactful decisions faster and more frequently.”