"Sustainable social media app" WeAre8 launches in the US

David Murphy

WeAre8, which describes itself as “the world’s only sustainable social media app” has announced its official US launch, with the backing of a number of charities and publishers and media companies Warner Bros. Discovery, PinkNews, The Independent and LadBible Group. The app’s US launch  follows its successful release of in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. WeAre8’s advertising model 60 per cent of its ad revenues with people, charity and climate change solutions. 50 per cent goes back to the people who use the app, 5 per cent to charities and carbon offsetting, and 5 per cent to a creator fund. Since launching in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, WeAre8 has seen hundreds of thousands of Citizens donate money earned on the app to charity.

“2 billion of us are living in a world of social technology that connects us, but also isolates us, fuels the mental health crisis and climate crisis and undermines democracy at a time when people and society need to come together to support each other and our precious planet,” said WeAre8 Founder and CEO, Sue Fennessy. “Society and our planet need technology that serves us and I am excited for the United States being ‘United’ in a new social home that is built on community, purpose and love.”

People using the app can opt in to watch brand videos and receive payments into their 8Wallet. They can choose to keep this money, or pay it forward to aligned charity partners directly through the app. WeAre8’s 16 US charity partners including Feeding America, charity: water, Save the Children, Food Rescue US, Keep a Child Alive, Save the Elephants, Project CAT, Song for Charlie, Educate Girls, Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF), Peace First, The Jed Foundation, Trans Lifeline, wayOUT, Daughters for Earth, and Water.org.

Myles Markham, Development Manager at Trans Lifeline said: "Many of us have experienced digital hate and vilification online, especially the Trans community. For many people, digital communities are a place to find comradery and connect with each other. It's imperative that we create, and ensure, these environments are safe and respectful of all people, no matter who you are. With WeAre8's no tolerance of hate and a business model that has impact and charity built in, we're delighted to be partnering with them as they launch into the US market and look forward to growing a community for the love of people and the planet together."

WeAre8’s launch into the US is supported by a multi-platform campaign with Warner Bros. Discovery that will see WeAre8 promoted across the media company’s portfolio of digital and television brands. The launch TV campaign was produced in partnership with filmmaker Sam Kolder, best known for inspiring a generation of content creators with his unique style of video editing, which has generated more than 61m views on YouTube.

WeAre8 Users (known as ‘Citizens’ on WeAre8) are presented with two content feeds on the app. One feed is called the 8Stage and spotlights the content of verified creators. The other feed is a friends feed where they only see content from approved contacts. Both feeds are free from ads and algorithms. Citizens can share content, see their friends and follow creators from around the world. They can become a verified creator by applying for a golden Halo (WeAre8’s version of the blue tick).

When citizens watch brand videos, a share of the advertising money is given to them in return for their time. These micropayments end up in their Wallet on the app, where they can choose to keep the money and cash it out via PayPal or pay it forward to charity.

Read our interview with WeAre8 Founder and CEO, Sue Fennessy.