Sweaty Betty rebrands with new campaign to ditch toxic exercise stereotypes

Women’s activewear brand Sweaty Betty has rebranded with a new campaign calling for an end to toxic narratives surrounding exercise.

In partnership with creative agency Fluoro, the new campaign aims to empower women by ditching the “push harder” messaging surrounding fitness and replacing it with a new, more inclusive ‘Don’t Sweat It’ ethos.

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As a result, the new campaign showcases a series of ads designed to inspire women, which features a new look to advertising its stores and clothing, alongside the return of the original Sweaty Betty orange.

Alongside the orange, the fitness brand also unveiled a fresh new primary colour palette and a secondary pastel palette, inspired by its three key brand pillars – ‘shaped by our sisterhood’, ‘crafted to create joy’ and ‘we sweat the small stuff’.

Sweaty Betty, Global Brand President, Melissa Mullen said: “It’s important for us to ensure the message we’re putting out into the world isn’t about how exercise can make your body look, but how it makes us feel and what it can help us do. Women are subject to enough pressure without someone else defining the ‘right’ way to exercise.

“Thankfully, a reckoning is starting to happen surrounding health and actualisation vs aesthetics. We want to be at the forefront of that movement. Fluoro understood our mission from the beginning, and we’re thrilled with the way they’ve brought it to life with a new brand vision that we know will inspire and resonate with our global community.”

Fluoro Creative Director, Tim Smith, added: “We wanted to reassess Sweaty Betty’s offer and core values and reframe them for today’s world. The message of empowerment has been diluted, misused and completely falsified in the broader market for far too long, and Sweaty Betty is the perfect brand to challenge that, as the OG of female-first activewear.”

“It has an authentic and important story to tell and we’re thrilled to be helping do it.”