SwiftKey Hits Half a Million Downloads

SwiftKey, the language prediction app for Android phones, will be on offer for just $1.99 this Black Friday to celebrate hitting half a million downloads since its launch four months ago.

The app, which usually sells for $3.99, arrived on the Android Market as a beta in July and has seen on average one download every 20 seconds since. The app’s developer, TouchType,  estimated that since launch, its users have likely sent over 100m messages with SwiftKey, saving over 1bn key presses in the process.

SwiftKey brings an innovative solution to the problem of typing accurately on a smartphone, relying on powerful language technology to infer both the word a user is typing and their next word. Using these techniques, SwiftKey users can skip whole words as they write, saving key-presses and therefore valuable time.

“Many of the people who use SwiftKey are passionate about the time its saved them,” says TouchType CTO and co-founder, Dr Ben Medlock. “Recognizing their interest in SwiftKey, weve set up a group of VIP users to work with us over the coming months to enhance the app and its technology. We have over 1,500 people signed up so far, and they’re already generating some fantastic ideas.”

The technology behind SwiftKey is based on artificial intelligence breakthroughs from the University of Cambridge. The app can understand the relationship between words and accurately predicts about a third of words before a user taps a key. SwiftKey currently offers predictions in US English, UK English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish, with many new languages coming soon. It is the first keyboard app on the market that can make simultaneous text predictions in two languages. SwiftKey also supports voice dictation in five languages and multi-touch. SwiftKey will be on offer at $1.99 for 24 hours on Friday November 26, between 00:01 PST to midnight PST.