Swing Apps Deliver Only Most Important Messages

swing comboJapanese startup BHI has launched two apps aimed at enabling users to prioritise the communications they receive and manage the information overload that comes from being constantly connected to technology.

Using machine learning technologies, the apps create a prioritising algorithm based on each users individual communication patterns, and prevent irrelevant information from being delivered.

Swingmail is an inbox and reply-only app that aggregates messages from Gmail, iCloud mail, Facebook and Twitter, along with phone calls and FaceTime messages, filtering out junk, spam and less urgent information so only messages from important sources appears.

Swingbook, meanwhile, is a contact list prioritiser that only displays the top 15 contacts that are most relevant at any given time, based on past messaging partners, time of day, and the users current location.

“We strive to help our users tell the difference between information with less priority and whats really important,” said a BHI spokesperson. “By learning a users communication patterns, the apps aggregate and filter messages and contacts to only reflect relevant information. We are attempting to challenge the way the smartphone works for us, and to take on the problem of information overload in a fresh new way where user experience and interface are in focus.”