SwissQual Handed Operator Rating Task

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BRTC) is to rate the countrys mobile operators for quality using technology from SwissQual.
The BRTC will publish monthly ratings for operators from January 2010. The ratings will cover a number of indicators, including coverage, dropped calls and customer care. Following consultation with operators, BRTC plans to publish a draft regulation regarding the rating procedure in mid November.
SwissQuals Diversity Benchmarker system will be used to carry out the measurements, simultaneously comparing six operators at a time for voice and data quality, plus other parameters.  
The fact that SwissQual is completely independent of any of the network infrastructure vendors gives regulators a great deal of confidence that the measured parameters are not subject to any kind of commercial bias, says SwissQual CEO, John May. They also appreciate the Diversity Benchmarkers use of an individual processor for each channel, together with a very high standard of operational reliability. These factors all lead to a system which delivers results that people can trust and can therefore be used as part of the regulatory process.
Founded in 2000, SwissQual currently serves more than 160 customers in over 70 countries.