SwissQual Upgrades iPhone Test Tool

SwissQual, the independent Swiss network quality measurement company, has launched a new software release for its handheld RF monitoring tool for the iPhone, QualiPoc iQ. The new release enables engineers to collect measurements, such as FTP Download and Upload, and in combination, record and display network values as well as GPS position for later analysis. It also stores the information in a log file which is compatible with SwissQuals post processing NQDI software, as well as with several other third-party post processing software packages. The company says the release is designed to help networks cope with the high volumes of data traffic being generated by iPhone users.
The Apple iPhone has been phenomenally successful in kickstarting the market for mobile consumer data applications, and now accounts for some two thirds of mobile internet traffic. Some reports show Apple iPhone users as accounting for as much as 10 times as much data usage as a typical Smartphone user,” notes SwissQual QualiPoc iQ Product Manager David Gonzalez.
This is great news for operators, but it also poses a challenge for engineering teams. The Apple iPhone uses huge amounts of bandwidth; something which has led some to refer to it as the Hummer of the mobile network. This stresses the networks data capacity and leads to a need for greater testing. With this new QualiPoc iQ release, we show our commitment to support operators in testing with the Apple iPhone. It is vital for operators to be able to test their networks using the same handset that will be used by a large number of their customers.
The iQ is designed to be easy to use, focused on application layer testing. It allows engineers to test application throughputs and evaluate network performance using the same handset as their subscribers.