Swoodle Preps for Collaborative Working App Beta

swoodle comboDisplayNote is launching beta testing for Swoodle, its new collaborative working app that enables users to view and edit documents in real-time across multiple devices.

DisplayNote have previously seen success with their digital presentation solution, which has been adopted by numerous businesses and educational institutions including Boston University and high schools across Wisconsin.

The Swoodle app aims to be a unified solution for collaborative working and presentations, with support for Dropbox, Google Drive and other enterprise tools. The app enables users to view, share and edit documents in real-time in a collaborative manner, with changes appearing across screens almost instantaneously. Users can also lock changes, turning the app into a presentation tool that enables viewers to easily follow along on their own devices.

The app currently supports text documents, presentations and images, with support planned for coding, PDF documents and co-browsing. It also supports group calls, including video calling.

The app will be launched as an invitation-based beta in December, and will be publicly launched soon after that. The free version will enable one-to-one sharing, while group collaboration will require paying a subscription fee, although users will be able to earn free months of the premium version by encouraging others to sign up.

Eddie Morgan, head of marketing at DisplayNote, said the team behind the app are keen to see how people develop new uses for the versatile tool, noting that among the ways he put it to use was to enable his whole family to work collaboratively on the same crossword from their tablets and smartphones, using a photo captured with the camera function.

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