Swrve Releases Predictive Marketing Solution

swrveMobile marketing automation specialists Swrve have released a new suite of tools that combine predictive analytics with messaging and conversations for mobile apps, enabling marketers to make proactive communications with users.

The Swrve Predictive Marketing Suite uses behavioural algorithms to predict what actions app users are likely to take next, and presents relevant communications to them, empowering marketers to improve engagement and revenues, and reduce churn.

The solution looks at historical behavioural data and segments users into six initial demographics that give marketers guidance on how to communicate with them. Firms can then set up automated in-app messaging and push notifications to guide these users at crucial points in the interaction with the app.

The segmentation tools are fully customisable, allowing marketers to refine existing demographics and create new ones, and anonymised data on individual users is updated every day to ensure the most effective messaging is sent to them. The tools of the suite will be rolled out gradually, with Predictive Push available now and tools for preventing user loss and driving conversion coming later in the year.

“This is the first time anyone has combined predictive analytics with a communication platform, which gives data-driven marketers a powerful tool to engage users on the future action they are most likely to take, not just past behaviour,” said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “Now, marketers can orchestrate more relevant, timely conversations with their users driven by Swrves easy-to-use platform.”