Sybase 365 Expands in Asia

Sybase 365 has been selected by 11 mobile operators in Asia to provide international SMS, MMS and GRX (mobile data roaming) services. The operators include Grameenphone, Smart Mobile, TMI Cambodia, Sampoerna, SureM, Unitel, G-Mobile, Spice Nepal; CityCell and Excell. The operators will gain access to more than 3.4 billion mobile subscribers around the world across 800 networks, thanks to Sybase 365s transcoding capabilities, that the company says traverse networks and handsets without degrading message quality, over GSM, CDMA and TDMA networks.
In addition, Sybase 365 has also signed Laos operator, Lao Telecom, for its GRX 365 global data roaming service. This provides Lao Telecom subscribers with access to more than 500 mobile network operators around the world. GRX 365 can be used for international MMS connectivity via MMX 365, and SMS and Roaming Signalling using SigTran. The GRX 365 solution is IPX-ready, able to deliver interoperability for Voice and Video over IP and Instant Messaging among other services. These new agreements increase the number of the companys operator partners in Asia to 161.
Separately, Sybase 365 has partnered with Telecom New Zealand International to provide a joint IPX Voice service. The IPX Voice service offers a high-quality voice service based on managed IP interconnects using Sybase 365s GRX infrastructure combined with TNZIs next-generation softswitch technology, enabling operators to maximize their operational efficiencies, save costs, and improve service quality to their subscribers.