Sybase 365 in Money Messaging Deployment

Sybase 365 is working with The Western Union Company, to enable the money transfer specialist to engage with its consumers via SMS-based notifications and mobile marketing campaigns.
Sybase 365 delivers text messages to Western Union loyalty card members who send money transfers from nine countries worldwide, including the UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Gabon, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Sweden. The notifications are available in the senders' preferred language French. When consumers send money, they can receive an SMS message confirming the funds have been paid out. The service will be extended to Western Union Gold Card members in six additional countries by year-end.
Sybase 365 will also deliver SMS-based messages to Western Union consumers who have opted-in to receive offers such as coupons, promotional codes and additional information on products and services.
There are now more than 4 billion mobile phones in use worldwide, says Gail Galuppo, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Western Union. In select markets, we are already putting the power of Western Union in our consumers' hands by offering transactions via mobile phone. By furthering our agreement with Sybase 365, we are able to bring even more value to our consumers by notifying them that their funds have been received and by offering discounts and special offers directly on their mobile phones. 
This agreement builds on an alliance with Western Union announced earlier this year, where Sybase 365 was selected to participate in Western Union's Digital Vendor Program with its mWallet and mBanking Platforms. Facilitating mobile finance initiatives in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Sybase 365 says that such programs will help build the mobile finance ecosystem, benefitting enterprises and end-users worldwide.