Sybase 365 Sees Growth in Africa

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, which specializes in mobile messaging interoperability and the delivery of mobile content, has announced further growth within the African mobile market, which it says consolidates its position as the number one provider of international SMS across the continent.
Sybase 365 continues to grow its person-to-person messaging business by signing group agreements with the largest mobile operators in the region. These include the 14 Celtel International operators in Africa, enabling their more than 25 million subscribers to send and receive SMS text messages from most countries around the world. Group agreements have also recently been signed with major conglomerates based in Africa, and with other new customers, including Globacom Nigeria, Mattel Mauritania, Telma Madagascar and Rwandatel Rwanda. Sybase 365 says it is now connected to 97 of the 117 mobile operators in the region, and globally, to more than 700 operators.
Through these operator partnerships, more than 180 million subscribers across Africa will now have access to international SMS connectivity with the rest of the world, a figure that has increased from around 100 million a year ago. The number of mobile operators now working with Sybase 365 helps address a long-standing challenge for many African operators, namely the ability to support SMS inter-working with other global networks, where two-way bi-lateral roaming agreements for the exchange of messaging are not in place.
Sybase 365 now processes over 8 billion messages per month globally, and says the increase in its activity in Africa is evidenced by a 65% year-on-year growth in messages terminated into African operators.
Working with these operators illustrates our commitment to the rapidly growing African market, says Howard Stevens, Vice President of Sybase 365, EMEA. Such agreements also contribute to extending Sybase 365s global reach.