Sybase 365 Selected for Emergency SMS Alerts

Sybase 365 has announced a strategic partnership with the New York State Emergency Management Office (SEMO) to deploy SMS messaging services through NY-ALERT, the States All-Hazards Alert and Notification System. The web-based portal allows State agencies, county and local governments, emergency service agencies and institutions of higher learning, to provide emergency alerting information and private notifications to a defined audience through SMS alerts.
The alert notification system, the largest in the United States, is a free, subscription-based offering that allows consumers to register multiple devices from which they want to receive alerts. The Sybase 365 operator-grade SMS platform enables subscribers to receive emergency information such as major road closures, severe weather events and protective actions recommended by state, local governments and universities, all through their mobile device.
NY-ALERT was developed to provide critical lifesaving information to subscribers in a very timely manner and has become a vital program in the Empire State, says SEMo Director, John R. Gibb. We live in a mobile society and SMS provides us another means of disseminating critical information when time is of the essence over a stable and fast platform.