Sybase 365 Unveils Advanced IP Messaging Server

Sybase 365 has unveiled its Advanced IP Messaging Server (AIMS), which is available as a fully hosted or on-premise solution.
AIMS is designed to support broad-based interoperability across IMS (IP Messaging Server) protocols, enabling operators to move aggressively into 4G and IMS deployments, without having to worry about evolving standards or potential disruption of their legacy messaging businesses. Sybase 365 says that AIMS rapid service and application deployment capabilities will free operators from time spent reconciling technology implementation across divisions, partners, and competitors, allowing them to focus on increasing ROI and customer service.
As the industry moves to 4G, operators face key technical challenges, says Sybase 365 President, Marty Beard. In order to capture new revenue opportunities, they will be required to integrate new and emerging standards, while maintaining existing messaging services and legacy data, and revenue streams. By combining the reliability and scalability of a platform that successfully delivers over 1 billion mobile messages daily, with an advanced architecture for application delivery, Sybase 365 AIMS is an effective tool for operators to differentiate their service offerings in a time of change.
AIMS incorporates a converged messaging environment for IMS and pre-IMS environments; core personalization, presence, and charging services; a professional application development environment; and an integrated mCommerce suite, to enable the rapid deployment of digital mobile wallet, mobile airtime top-up, and mobile remittance applications, providing an easy end-to-end roll-out of mobile commerce offerings across a single platform.
You can download a free Whitepaper detailing the AIMS architecture, core design details, and specifics of how it can help operators manage the risk of 4G and IMS deployment, while taking full advantage of the opportunities these new networks provide, here.