Sybase 365 Unveils Sybase IPX 365

Sybase 365 has unveiled Sybase IPX 365, a full suite of IP eXchange (IPX) services designed to serve both the fixed and mobile network operator communities with premium quality of service and security required in the conversion to IP networks.
Sybase 365 says that by combining its strengths with those of its partners, the Sybase IPX 365 platform provides network operators with a competitive advantage, including cost reduction and improved service quality. Operators can now connect to one secure, high-quality network to manage their business operations more efficiently, the company says.
The Sybase IPX 365 suite of services includes the following elements:

  • Data Roaming – As an evolution of Sybase GRX 365, the global data roaming service, Sybase IPX 365 provides direct access to one of the largest on-net communities of mobile operators, ensuring end-to-end high quality of service.  
  • Messaging Hubs (MMS, SMS) Sybase IPX 365 extends the hubbing model, enabling service providers to connect only once to a hub to reach all the other networks connected to that hub for the exchange of multimedia and text messages.
  • IPX Voice Sybase 365b says that the Sybase IPX 365 network guarantees the high levels of security and quality that fixed and mobile operators require for their international voice traffic.
  • Signalling Sybase IPX 365 provides access to TNZIs Signalling Connect service, which provides transit routing of signalling messages between a mobile operator and its roaming partners, either at the MTP level or at the SCCP level, and includes an ANSI translation service. With this service, operator customers can use their connection to Sybase IPX 365 to reach Sybase's SMS hub.