Synchonrica Secures First Indian License

Mobile email and synchronisation company Synchronica has signed a license agreement for its Mobile Gateway solution with an Indian reseller who has contracted with a major mobile operator to provide a mass-market mobile email solution by the end of the year. According to Synchronica, the operator is one of the top 10 operators worldwide with more than 50 million subscribers in India, the second largest mobile market in the world. This is Synchronicas first contract win in India.
Under the terms of the agreement, the Indian systems integrator will initially purchase a 50,000 user license for Synchronica Mobile Gateway at a list price of $2.43 (1.40) per user. Phase two is scheduled for the end of the year and will include an expansion order for an additional 250,000 licenses. A third phase scheduled for 2009 will be for a further 500,000 licenses.
Synchronica will also provide professional services for customisation and integration based on a daily person-rate of $1,000. Support service is based on 18% of the annual license fees for phase one, and 12% for phase two, where the reseller will handle second level support.
Synchronica says the Indian mobile market represents a large opportunity for its products, which provide mass-market mobile email services for inexpensive mobile devices. Recent research from Informa suggetsed that the Indian mobile market has expanded by over 50 million new mobile subscriptions in the last six months alone. India is now the second largest mobile market in the world, with a total of 225.6 million mobile subscribers at the end of August 2008. The Indian government has a set target of 500 million telephone users by 2010.
This agreement represents an important step in the growth of Synchronica as it again demonstrates our ability to succeed in emerging markets, where the growth in mobile subscribers is at its highest and our product has a unique appeal, says Synchronica CEO, Carsten Brinkschulte. It highlights the strength of our mobile email solution and the benefit it can bring to operators who are looking to differentiate their mobile offering in a highly competitive market, generating additional revenues and protecting their subscriber base.