Synchronica Launches Mobile Email for the Corporate Masses

Synchronica plc, which provides mobile email and synchronization solutions, has launched an affordable, industry-standard push email and synchronization middleware, enabling enterprises to connect entry-level devices to corporate networks. Synchronica Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition is a self-care solution that works on a wide variety of mobile handsets, so employers do not need to invest in a fleet of new Smartphones in order to cascade mobile email down the organization.
Synchronica Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition is targeted at SMEs, as well as the middle and  junior management layers in large enterprises where it can complement existing Smartphone-based solutions. It is available immediately and, the company says, can be bought, downloaded, and deployed on a mobile phone fleet within a few hours.
The solution provides carrier-grade security, reliability, and scalability and has already been selected by a major Indian bank for its middle and junior management tiers. The bank is in the process of deploying Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition to an initial 10,000 employees to supplement the Smartphones used by executive staff. Synchronica says it expects this approach to be replicated in other businesses.
What makes Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition different from other enterprise mobile email offerings is that it works on almost any phone in use today, notes Kathryn Weldon, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility, at Current Analysis. This makes it ideal for today's tough economic conditions, because businesses do not need to spend a fortune on new handsets and expensive contracts to cascade mobile email through the organization and realize productivity gains.
Mobile Gateway Enterprise Edition includes a Microsoft Windows installer, allowing businesses to install and host it on their own servers. It supports Microsoft Exchange, Sun Java System Communications Suite, and IBM Lotus Domino corporate email servers, as well as IMAP / POP3 consumer email back-ends. It is based on the dominant open industry standards Push IMAP (IMAP IDLE) for mobile email and SyncML (OMA DS) for synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. Built-in, over-the-air device provisioning (OMA CP), using a self-care portal, enables end-users to configure their devices automatically, without requiring corporate IT involvement.