T-Mobile Poland faces $6.4m fine over ‘misleading’ free data ads

T-Mobile Poland has been hit with a $6.4 million fine (PLN25.6 million) by the country’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection for a campaign which claimed to offer 1,200GB of free data for a year.

In a statement, the trade body said concluding the messaging of “1,200GB for free a year” was misleading and users would get the credit for free when it required a top-up.

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It added that customers had to credit prepaid accounts with PLN35 per month to receive 100GB of free data for the month. However, despite this fact being published at the end of the adverts, the information was “printed in tiny font at the very bottom”.

The campaign was featured on various billboards and public areas in both Polish and Ukrainian.

As the regulator’s judgement is subject to appeal, should the decision be upheld, the telecoms giant must publish the decision on its social media platforms and its website in both languages the adverts appeared in.