T-Mobile and ip.access Team for In-store Analytics

T-Mobile + ip.accessip.access, a manufacturer of small cell technologies, has enhanced T-Mobile’s retail-based customer analytics with the successful completion of a proof of concept in Poland.

Sensors, called Presence, have been installed into T-Mobile’s retail stores in Warsaw. These sensors enable T-Mobile to recognise subscribers as they enter the store. The solution intends to gather analytical data for retailers to provide them with ‘actionable consumer behaviour insights, as well as the ability to provide personalised marketing promotions when entering selected areas’. The technology is said to not require any handset modifications, nor the need for Bluetooth or wi-fi to be switched on.

Michal Krauze, business lead data monetisation for T-Mobile, said: “We have been assessing a variety of solutions to enable us to serve our B2B retail customers with better insights. However only ip.access accomplished the task and helped us with harnessing data on geographical level that was not accessible before – inside any retail store.”

Malcolm Gordon, CEO at ip.access, added: “This innovative collaboration is particularly exciting for us, as its the first proof point within T-Mobile for this high value monetisation model. We look forward to co-operating further with the T-Mobile Group as they expand their Presence sensor derived offerings” adds Gordon.