T-Mobile Introduces Free Monthly Data for Tablets

T-Mobile in the US has launched a service to give tablet owners 200MB of free 4G data each month for the devices lifetime.

Named Tablets Un-leashed, the program seems intended to encourage customers to buy data-connected rather than wi-fi-only tablets – and, of course, to upgrade their data limit to one of T-Mobiles tariffs. 

Its part of the operators ongoing Un-carrier program, which has also seen it drop roaming charges in over 100 countries and abandon the subsidised handset model.

“Tablets are supposed to be untethered like smartphones, but it hasnt worked out that way because people know carriers will charge them an arm-and-a-leg for mobile data,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “Carriers figured out a long time ago that they could make money – a lot of money – by forcing customers into restrictive, overpriced data plans. We changed it for smartphones and were changing it for tablets.”