T-Mobile Launches G1 YouTube Channel

T-Mobile is offering its customers another way to find answers to their T-Mobile phone-related questions, with the launch of the T-Mobile YouTube G1 Channel. The new channel allows customers to post questions about their phone and receive written and video answers, both from T-Mobiles experts and other customers.
T-Mobile says the launch of the channel marks the next evolution in its relationships with its customers, and is designed to provide a more efficient and interactive service. The channel will enable customers to unleash the potential of the handset with blogs, tips, tricks and continually updated short clips on how to use the T-Mobile G1.
Many brands are looking to talk to their customers through social media, says T-Mobile Head of Online, Brendon Cooling. Social networking is a huge part of life for many of our customers, so launching a channel on YouTube was the next step in order to ensure our customers get the quality of service they deserve. This doesnt mean were moving away from contact centre-led customer service, but that were expanding the ways in which our customers can interact efficiently with T-Mobile. This is all about ensuring a positive customer experience.
You can access the T-Mobile YouTube G1 Channel here.