T-Mobile Top, Orange Bottom in Kaizo Advocacy Index

T-Mobile is rated the number one brand online in the Mobile sector, according to the latest Kaizo Advocacy Index published today.
The biannual Kaizo Advocacy Index measures the online reputation of 20 major brands across four sectors. In the Winter 09 study, the highest score in the Mobile sector is claimed by T-Mobile (14.6), jointly followed by O2 and Vodafone (12), followed by 3 (8.3) and finally Orange (-0.8).
An active presence on Facebook and Twitter has helped T-Mobile take top spot within the Mobile sector, says Kaizo, with posts recommending T-Mobile as the brand with the best deals. Even though the brand is rated number one, its score is reduced by criticism over poor customer service, which Kaizo says is a recurring online theme within the mobile sector.
In the Mobile sector, customers frequently comment and engage online, both positively and negatively, says Kaizo Managing Director, Rhodri Harries. Brands need to be extremely active, responding to posts online as well as developing consistent proactive online communications strategies to maintain brand reputation. Getting involved in these conversation will no doubt have a long term benefit, in terms of offline word of mouth and ultimately sales.
In the study, Vodafone generated a large amount of passive chat, suggesting the brand could easily boost its online reputation through more effective social media outreach. Online conversations regarding O2, however, demonstrate more polarised opinions. The brand receives positive comments over its contract deals, however it is criticised for poor communication with its customers.  
3s broadband service stimulated positive chat, but, as with other mobile brands, poor customer service generated negative comments. Orange scored the lowest out of all the mobile brands, with reports of poor customer service dominating online conversations.
Kaizo says that the Winter Kaizo Advocacy Index not only demonstrates that the amount of negative online brand chatter is increasing due to issues relating to the economic climate, but also that some brands are taking advantage of the opportunities online to boost their reputation. The introduction in this years study of searches on Facebook Groups and Twitter recognises the growing importance of social networks and micro blogs.
Overall, Virgin Atlantic, as it has been for the last three studies, remains number one across all sectors (Food, Software, Airlines and Mobile). Brands with the worst scores include BMI, Microsoft, Symantec and Ryanair.