Tablet Conversation Rate Four Times Better than Smartphones


Advertising global spend on tablets has, over the last six months, led to an average conversion rate four times greater than on mobile handsets. Thats according to M&C Saatchi Mobile, based on data collected in the US and UK between April and October – and it can be increased to five or six times higher, apparently, when targeting is introduced.

“Since the introduction of the iPad, brands and marketers have been trying to work out what exactly it meant for them,” said M&C Saatchi Mobile CEO James Hilton. “The impact has been far beyond what anyone really expected. This medium blends the best of TV with the best of interactivity. Virtually all brands have seen the benefits of larger screens to engage and be more creative. We have seen a vast year-on-year growth of spend thanks to the heightened engagement and better proven return on investment generated by tablets.”

The agency also reckons that precise location targeting isnt such a big factor on tablet devices. Less than 10 per cent of its tablet campaigns use precise geo-targeting. Thats largely down to the way consumers use tablets, which in the majority of cases is still in the home – but its something M&C Saatchi Mobile sees changing with the dawn of 7” tablets, as the devices become something people are more willing to carry around in their pocket.

For now, though, other targeting methods – based on country or city geo-targeting, demographic, time of day, and language – are more important in order to ensure a successful campaign.