Tablets Generate 33 per cent of Mobile Web Traffic in Western Europe

mobile dataTablets have grown to account for 33 per cent of mobile web traffic in Western Europe, with iPads responsible for 73 per cent of that figure, research by ScientiaMobile has revealed.

The finding comes from ScientiaMobiles new Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) which provides mobile web developers and other mobile stakeholders with critical statistics about the state of the mobile web and the mobile device market across the globe.

Looking at smartphone traffic, manufacturers were split far more evenly, with iPhones accounting for 39 per cent of traffic, Samsung smartphones for 30 per cent, and other manufacturers making up the remaining 31 per cent.

The report also looked at other parts of the world, such as Asia, where smartphones are responsible for almost 90 per cent of traffic, with tablets accounting for only seven per cent. Samsung dominated other manufacturers in Asia, generating 41 per cent of mobile web traffic, while HTC, Apple and Sony account for 15, 13 and 10 per cent respectively.

“MOVR reflects the growth of ScientiaMobiles analytics efforts,” said Jon Arne Sæterås, VP of Innovation at ScientiaMobile. “Not only do we provide customers with great tools to detect and analyse their own traffic, but we also have a unique ability to analyse massive amounts of mobile device usage data collected within our own house.

“We feel this information should be shared freely amongst the developer community. This is why we embraced the Open Data spirit and released the data set in our report with a Creative Commons license.”