TabMo teams up with VIOOH on DOOH

TabMo and VIOOH partner on programmatic DOOH
Mobile-first advertising company TabMo has expanded its digital out-of-home (DOOH) reach via a strategic partnership with VIOOH, a global DOOH marketplace with access to JCDecaux’s inventory.  

Always an essential element of the advertising mix, outdoor has been further boosted by digital technology. Global spend on posters and street furniture is forecast to be $40.6bn in 2020, $4 billion more than on newspapers, according to GroupM.  In the UK, digital currently accounts for half of OOH budgets, having increased by around 8 per cent in 2019.

This partnership gives TabMo’s clients access to VIOOH’s network of premium digital screens across top locations such as city centres, airports, train stations and shopping malls. VIOOH has access to 25m impressions per hour in the UK, and a global scale that currently includes the US, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Finland, and the Netherlands. 

TabMo’s programmatic DOOH capability is powered by its demand-side platform (DSP), Hawk, which enables advertisers to run integrated multi-channel campaigns through one platform.  It is the only device-ID centric platform that ties together connected screens via mobile-first data, offering brands a route to effective and efficient DOOH advertising: 

  • Targeting: Audience data (determined through analysing mobile location data for the devices seen at each screen) can be integrated to better optimise ads towards screens where specific audiences are more likely to be seen, thereby reducing wastage.
  • Retargeting: Mobile devices that have been seen near a specific screen when a particular ad was showing can be retargeted later with additional creatives, depending on a range of variables such as location, weather, daypart, demographics and interests.
  • Measurement: Footfall data determines the effectiveness of a campaign by tracking whether a mobile device was seen in-store following exposure to an ad on a DOOH panel.

Chris Childs, TabMo’s managing director in the UK, says: “Outdoor has long been a vital channel for impactful advertising and, since the shift to digital screens, has grown more quickly than ever.  We are seeing more and more mobile advertisers add DOOH to a campaign, while mobile is increasingly incorporated into outdoor advertising.  The two channels are a natural fit and partnering with VIOOH enables us to scale up our operations and deliver integrated cross channel campaigns to a wider audience.”

Jean-Christophe (JC) Conti, CEO at VIOOH, says: “The partnership with TabMo makes total sense and blends the best of mobile and digital OOH when it comes to the advertising marketplace. By combining the best in DSP technology with the scale of the VIOOH network, it provides one buying point for omnichannel campaigns. This will help brands deliver a seamless and unified experience for their audiences across both mobile and OOH. Its a strong partnership today and one that is likely to be replicated across the industry as others follow suit to take advantage of the boom in digital OOH advertising.”