TAG Heuer and Google Unveil Connected Watch

tag heuer connected watchSwiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer and Google revealed that they would be collaborating earlier this year, and have now unveiled some of the details for the product that has emerged from the project: the TAG Heuer Connected Watch.

The $1,500 (£990) timepiece is the first true smartwatch from a Swiss luxury watchmaker, made in partnership with both Google and Intel. The watch is modeled after the brands classic Carrera model, which dates back to 1963, but boasts cutting edge electronics.

The Connected Watch is made from titanium with a vulcanised rubber strap available in seven different colours, and will run Googles Android Wear system, which can pair with Android Phones running version 4.3 or later, as well as iPhones running iOS 8.2 or later.

The smartwatch includes Bluetooth LE and wi-fi connectivity, along with 4GB of onboard storage for apps and media. Gyroscopic sensors are included for some basic fitness tracking functions, but the watch lacks a heart rate sensor and GPS so youll still need you phone to track your running routes, and wont be able to measure your pulse on your morning jog. The watch also lacks a speaker, so all notifications will be delivered via vibration.

The partnership with TAG Heuer does bring some additional benefits however. Owners will be able to register with the brand to receive exclusive watch faces, including some designed by brand ambassadors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Cara Delevingne, as well as apps for timing, restaurant recommendations and tracking your golf game.

Owners will also be able to part exchange the smartwatch after two years for a mechanical TAG Heuer watch, taking advantage of peoples tendency to upgrade devices periodically to keep them engaged as consumers.

The watch will be available across the US and Canada from tomorrow, with an international rollout planned for next month.