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Cross-industry standards bodies TAG and JICWEBS partner to clean up digital advertising

Tyrone Stewart

Trust accountability Program the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS), which is responsible for developing online ad trading standards, are working together to tackle digital advertising issues.

The pair aim to combine their two different, yet complementary, focuses to tackle issues such as brand safety, buying transparency, fraud and criminal activity. Through this combination, they intend ‘to improve their effectiveness and create a united and consistent approach across markets to tackle criminal activity and clean up the digital ad supply chain’.

TAG’s primary focus is to fight ad-supported internet piracy, combat malware, eliminate fraud and promote brand safety, while cross-industry body JICWEBS primarily looks at tackling fraud, brand safety and viewability.

Mike Zaneis, president and CEO of TAG, said: “Since 2014, TAG has built programs to tackle fraud, malware and piracy in digital advertising, as well as promote transparency and brand safety. However, the message from advertisers is clear: we need a consistent and joined up approach across markets and we look forward to working with JICWEBS to progress delivering this.”