TAG launches ‘Certified for Transparency’ seal to give ad buyers greater visibility into details of digital ad campaigns

Will Taylor

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) has announced the launch of the “Certified for Transparency” seal, a new global standard for responsible transparency practices that will give ad buyers and their partners increased visibility into the details of their digital advertising campaigns.

By offering a common transparency framework, the program will establish a ‘shared truth’ on campaign data for participants across the supply chain, increasing confidence and control for buyers and raising the value of inventory for sellers who can prove they are responsible, accountable and transparent. A central requirement for seal recipients is participation in TAG TrustNet’s Distributed Ledger Technology framework, which creates a single trusted record for transactions through real-time reconciling and sharing advertising log files with counterparties.

Mike Zaneis, CEO at TAG said "This program will serve as a global transparency utility that will revolutionize the way digital media is bought and sold. By establishing a ‘shared truth’ among all parties for campaign reporting, companies across the supply chain who touch an ad will be able to seamlessly integrate, access, review, and act on the same trusted campaign data. Sellers will benefit from the increased value of transparent and trusted inventory, while buyers will be able to make better informed decisions on how best to allocate resources in their campaigns.”