“It can transform the whole industry”: ViacomCBS discusses the 5G opportunity

Senior Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, Streaming and Head of Mobile at ViacomCBS Networks International and Senior Vice President and General Manager of ViacomCBS Digital Studios International discuss the 5G oppotunity that exists for the entertainment sector


ViacomCBS calls on industry to work together to harness full 5G potential

The call comes alongside the release of a white paper setting out the eight areas where VCNI believes the technology will have the biggest impact across the entertainment sector


Sir David Attenborough to help showcase 5G potential in interactive AR app

The interactive app, inspired by The Green Planet, will enable users to see ‘holographic’ video of Attenborough alongside plants and animals in their surroundings


DAZN teams up with KDDI to offer 5G sport viewing

DAZN will launch its first 5G payment plan integration, enabling customers with 5G-enabled handsets to enjoy higher quality streams, with faster download speeds and latency, from 11 December


Huawei links up with Cambridge Wireless on private 5G testbed

The 5G mobile private network within Cambridge University’s Science Park – which will go live in January 2021 – will enable businesses to undertake research and application in areas such as autonomous vehicles, clean energy, and remote surgery


EE unveils immersive 5G sports viewing service for iPhone 12

The ‘Match Day Experience’, delivered through the BT Sport app, aims to revolutionise the way people watch sports at home with video, social, and augmented reality features


Blackberry handsets rise from the ashes again, this time with a 5G device

OnwardMobility will carry out product planning and market development, while FIH Mobile will design and manufacture the device


EE to debut 5G-powered augmented reality dress at BAFTA Awards

EE  will debut the world’s first 5G-powered augmented reality (AR) dress live on the red carpet at the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 on 2 February. The dress, designed by


Mindshare Trends Report reveals concerns over advertising and apathy over 5G

A report on Mindshare’s launch of its Mindshare Trends Report for 2020, which reveals concerns over advertising and apathy over 5G


AT&T switches on 5G for customers in 10 cities

Customers in cities including Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh now have access to the fifth generation of mobile networks

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