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Coalition for Better Ads reveals new standards for short-form videos

A report on the Coalition for Better Adss launch of new standards for short-form videos

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Almost half of ad blocker users will avoid a brand that uses targeted ads: report

Almost two-thirds of ad blocker users (63 per cent) believe that the use of personal data to create targeted ads is an invasion of privacy, according to a survey conducted

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A guide to the best ad blockers online

Intrusive and unsafe advertisements are a common problem when surfing the web on phone, tablet, or laptop. Luckily, there are many options for both free and paid ad blocking software

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Young adults appreciate the need for internet ads, but want control: report

The vast majority of young adults understand the importance of advertising to ensuring the internet continues to remain available in the same capacity, but the invasive nature of advertising means

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Adblocking rates reach three-year low, but revenue losses climb: report

Adblocking rates are on the decline, falling by more than two per cent over the last few years, but publishers are now losing more money due to the software. The

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Majority of adblock users wont return to sites which disable adblockers: report

Publishers looking to use technology to circumvent adblockers without permission risk eroding trust and losing users, according to research YouGov, conducted on behalf of Adblock Plus maker Eyeo. The survey

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UK internet users understand importance of ads, but demand more control: report

British internet users are well-aware of the importance of advertising in order to keep the internet operating for free, but they demand more control of their experience to stop them

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Chrome ad blocking expands to shut down entire websites

With the latest update to its Chrome web browser, Google is increasing its efforts to eliminate abusive and disruptive advertising, with sites that host particularly egregious examples finding all their

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UK ad blocking levels begin to stabilise

Growth in the use of ad blockers by UK consumers has slowed to single digits this year, indicating that the figure may be stabilising at around one quarter of internet

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GroupM and Publicis Media awarded IAB Gold Standard

The IAB UK has announced that GroupM and Publicis Media, two of the largest media agency groups, have successfully completed their Gold Standard certification process. These two certifications bring the

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