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Adblock Plus unveils new criteria for Acceptable Ads initiative

Eyeo, the maker of Adblock Plus, has announced new mobile-specific criteria for its Acceptable Ads initiative, which aims to whitelist specific advertisers who will then be exempt from Adblock Plus

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AdBlock Plus founder launches browser extension to fight fake news

Eyeo, the firm behind Adblock Plus, has launched a web browser extension aimed at fighting the rise of fake news, while also keeping the users’ browsing history private. The ‘Trusted

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Facebook generated over $700m of its revenue from adblock users

Facebook is said to have generated $709m of its advertising revenue from showing ads to adblock users on desktop, after implementing tamper-proof technology last year. The $709m figure relates to

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37,000 users downloaded a fake Adblock Plus extension for Chrome

Chrome users who have recently downloaded an extension to block out advertising may want to double check whats on their computer, after a fake Adblock Plus extension made it through

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Adblock Plus continues battle with Facebook, as both sides escalate efforts

Adblocking service Adblock Plus is continuing its fight against Facebook’s ‘walled garden’ approach to advertising, scaling up its efforts to circumvent the social network’s protection measures after Facebook made attempts

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Adblock Plus releases latest version of its iOS browser

Adblock Plus has released the fully Apple sanctioned Adblock Browser for iOS 2.0 on the App Store for all iOS devices. The updated Adblock Browser doesn’t interfere with other app

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German appeals court rules in favour of AdBlock Plus in publisher battle

The German appellate court in Munich has ruled in favour of AdBlock (ABP) in all of its three separate cases against German publishers. The appeals lodged by RTL Interactive, ProSiebenSat.1

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Adblock Plus owner Eyeo acquires Flattr, to pay online content creators without ads

Eyeo founder Till Faida: “This is a game-changer.” Eyeo, the parent company behind Adblock Plus, has acquired Flattr, an online micropayments company set up by Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde in 2010

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Dell, Condé Nast and M&C Saatchi join Adblock Plus Acceptable Ads Committee

Adblock Plus (ABP) has named the first members of its Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC), the independent review board responsible for managing its controversial whitelist program. Acceptable Ads is controversial because

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AdBlock Plus hits back at IAB claims that adblock users are stagnating

AdBlock Plus (ABP) has fired back at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) after YouGov research, commissioned by the Bureau, revealed that UK adblocking adoption had plateaued at 22 per cent

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