Amazon Echo Show

Amazon unveils a load of new Echo devices and a microwave

Amazon has unveiled four new Echo devices, five so-called ‘Echo companion’ devices, and a pair of smart home devices, including a microwave, as reported earlier this week. On the Echo

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon teams up with Getty for visual searches on Echo devices

Amazon has linked up with Getty Images to bring sports, news, entertainment, archival, and creative pictures to Echo devices with a screen. With the partnership, Alexa will be able to

Amazon Echo Show

Google pulls YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV as Amazon feud heats up

The public spat between Amazon and Google, which began with issues surrounding YouTube and its implementation on the Echo Show, has escalated with Google removing support for YouTube on both

Amazon Echo Show

Viewpoint: Smart Screen of Death

It’s no surprise that we, as an industry, are fixated on the next big thing. Technology is rooted in the idea of continually pushing forward, and the promise of the

Amazon Echo Show

Google working on smart screen assistant device to compete with Echo Show

Google is reportedly hard at work on a tabletop smart screen device that will feature its voice-activated Google Assistant software, a clear attempt to compete with Amazons Echo Show and

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon and Google clash over YouTube on the Echo Show

Tech giants Amazon and Google have publicly clashed after access to YouTube was removed from Echo Show, the latest iteration of Amazons voice-controlled assistant devices. YouTube ceased to work on

Amazon Echo Show

Food Network brings video recipes to the Amazon Echo Show

Food Network has updated its Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo Show, the version of Alexa that comes with a screen. Users just need to ask a natural language question,

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