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Global smart speaker market to grow by 21 per cent in 2021

Heading into 2021, with many countries facing the prospect of lockdowns, it’s expected people will decide to bring new devices into their homes to help with being cooped up inside again

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59 per cent of smart speaker users have privacy concerns – report

The majority of smart speaker users (7 in 10) say their devices cause privacy concerns, according to The Case for Voice Control, a new report released by Hub Entertainment Research.

Amazon Echo

Amazon has an improved Echo and wheeled robot in the works

Amazon is developing an improved version of its Echo speaker and making progress on its home robot, nicknamed Vesta, according to Bloomberg. Sources close to the matter revealed the newest

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo market share to drop by two-thirds in 2019 – report

According to a new report published by eMarketer, Amazon Echo shares in the US will drop by around 66 per cent in 2019, losing ground to competitors like the Google

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Skype calling finally arrives on Alexa-enabled devices

Owners of Amazon Echo devices can now use Skype to make calls to their friends and family, having previously been tied down to making use of Amazon’s own calling software.

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Amazons latest Alexa upgrade improves responses for food, sports and more

Amazon Skills designed to help users find recipes, information on sports teams or even video games are getting a boost, thanks to a new upgrade to the voice assistants Custom

Amazon Echo

Amazon is accounting for 63 per cent of the US smart speaker market

Amazon’s total domination of the smart speaker market continues to roll on with its Echo family of devices now accounting for 63 per cent of the smart speakers in use

Amazon Echo

Amazon introduces API to connect smart home cameras and doorbells to Echo devices

Amazon has released a set of APIs that enable smart home cameras and doorbells to connect and communicate with Echo devices. Developers are able to use the Doorbell Event Source

Amazon Echo

Amazon unveils a load of new Echo devices and a microwave

Amazon has unveiled four new Echo devices, five so-called ‘Echo companion’ devices, and a pair of smart home devices, including a microwave, as reported earlier this week. On the Echo

Amazon Echo

Amazon teams up with Getty for visual searches on Echo devices

Amazon has linked up with Getty Images to bring sports, news, entertainment, archival, and creative pictures to Echo devices with a screen. With the partnership, Alexa will be able to

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