Costa Coffee and Barclaycard team up for contactless Clever Cup

Costa Coffee has partnered with Barclaycard to launch the UKs first reusable coffee cup equipped with contactless payment technology. The Clever Cup, which will be available in Costa Coffee stores


Mobile and wearable payments are surging in the UK

Mobile and wearable payments are on the rise in the UK, with the pair of ‘touch-and-go’ payments options growing by 365 per cent and 129 per cent over the last


Barclaycard tech allows you to walk out of a restaurant without waiting for the bill

Barclays’ credit card and payments provider Barclaycard has created a solution that enables diners walk out of a restaurant as soon as they’re finished eating and not have to wait


Barclaycard bPay Adds New Versatile Wearable

bPay, Barclaycards wearable range, has added a fourth product to its line, a small case that can transform existing watches or fitness trackers into contactless payment devices. The bPay Loop


Lyle & Scott Launches Contactless Jacket for Barclaycard Payments

Fashion brand Lyle & Scott has launched The Contactless Jacket, a coat that enables the wearer to make contactless payments. With a Barclaycard bPay chip embedded in its cuff, which


Barclaycard Expands bPay Wearable Range

Barclaycard has rolled out a new range of wearable devices aimed at making contactless payments easier for customers and businesses to implement, supported by a multi-platform app and digital wallet

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