Big Data

Vodafone teams up with Google Cloud to support its digital transformation

Neuron, part of the ‘Digital Vodafone’ transformation programme, will enable Vodafone to use real-time data analytics to gain insights into its business

Big Data

Dmexco 2018 – Balancing Data with Appsumer

With growing amounts of data available to marketers, knowing how to use it intelligently is an increasingly complex challenge. Tim Maytom talks to Shumel Lais, CEO of Appsumer, about how

Big Data

Microsoft warns of dangers surrounding EU data limits

Microsoft has warned that copyright reforms planned by EU legislators could damage the European Unions digital development in the future. The planned reforms, which would involve limiting the use of

Big Data

Mary Meeker 2018: What marketers need to know

As always, Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report is a treasure trove of information and insights into the changing landscape of the digital world, but at 294 pages, there’s almost

Big Data

Viewpoint: How to do more, not less, with personal data

Ardi Kolah, author of The GDPR Handbook, argues that while GDPR may have been a pain for both marketers and consumers, we are entering an exciting new phase where personal

Big Data

Investment Round: UiPath, Dianomi, Whoop, Edgybees and more

Investment Round is our weekly update on which firms have secured new funding, which areas are seeing the most financing, and who is putting up the cash that enables these

Big Data

GDPR 101: Our guide to the incoming EU regulations

You’ve likely heard the warnings: GDPR is coming. Depending on who you listen to, it could mark the end of digital marketing as we know it, or it could just

Big Data

Spotify and WPPs Data Alliance Enter Global Partnership

Data Alliance, a WPP company that provides enhanced access to data-driven marketing applications, has announced a global partnership with Spotify aimed at providing insights and generating new creative and programmatic

Big Data

Consumers Confused and Fearful About Use of Data

92 per cent of consumers do not fully understand what companies do with the personal information about them that is held on record, a survey by the Chartered Institute of

Big Data

The New Breed of Data Exchange

Adsquare CEO Tom Laband explains how moment marketing and holistic consumer understanding drive the demand for new data platforms Data is truly changing modern marketing, and our industry is sitting

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