Blackberry handsets rise from the ashes again, this time with a 5G device

OnwardMobility will carry out product planning and market development, while FIH Mobile will design and manufacture the device


Movers and Shakers: Hyundai, IAB Tech Lab, The Ozone Project, Fox, and more

The mobile marketing industry is ever-changing, and that applies to the people as much as the technology. Movers & Shakers is our regular feature following the hottest hires in the


Blackberry sues Twitter for patent infringement

Former smartphone maker Blackberry has filed a lawsuit against Twitter, accusing the social media company of infringing on patents relating to push notifications and mobile advertising, among other things. In


Blackberry completes $1.4bn purchase of AI firm Cylance

Blackberry has completed its $1.4bn (£1.1bn) acquisition of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity firm Cylance after previously announcing that it would be acquiring the company in November. The Canadian enterprise software


BlackBerry acquires AI and cybersecurity firm Cylance

BlackBerry has announced it will acquire Cylance, an artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company, for $1.4bn (£1.1bn) as part of efforts to expand its autonomous car software unit QNX. “Cylances leadership


Facebook sues BlackBerry over voice-messaging technology

Facebook has accused BlackBerry of patent infringment, complaining that the smartphone maker sole its voice-messaging technology for its instant messaging app. In an 118-page complaint filed in San Francisco earlier


Blackberry sues Facebook for BBM patent infringement

Blackberry has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, and its WhatsApp and Instagram apps, for patent infringement regarding technology and features allegedly copied from Blackberry Messenger. The filing with a Los


Blackberry launches cybersecurity software to help protect self-driving cars from hacks

Blackberry CEO John Chen Enterprise software and internet of thing (IoT) company Blackberry has unveiled a cybersecurity product which can identify vulnerabilities in software used in both connected and autonomous


Blackberry agrees to team with Qualcomm on connected cars

Blackberry and Qualcomm have agreed to collaborate on the development and production of automotive platforms for connected vehicles. The non-exclusive partnership will see the pair optimise certain Qualcomm hardware platforms


Viewpoint: Zero Per Cent and Falling – The Decline of BlackBerry

As the most senior member of the editorial team here at Mobile Marketing (by some distance), I can’t help a little feeling of nostalgia from time to time. I still

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