Capito Systems

Talking Shop: Capito Systems

David Murphy talks to Tony Ballardie, CEO of Capito Systems, about the company’s voice commerce platform which won this year’s Barca Starta competition.

Capito Systems

Capito Systems Wins the Barca Starta 2014

We’re very pleased to announce that Capito Systems, the voice-controlled mCommerce solution, has won the Barca Starta 2014. Tony Ballardie, CEO, presented on behalf of his company and wowed the

Capito Systems

Swiftkey, Accenture and Relay Ventures Gear up for Judging the Barca Starta Competition

Weve lined up three excellent judges for this years Barca Starta competition happening during Mobile World Congress on Tuesday 25 February. We will hear a keynote from our first judge,

Capito Systems

Barca Starta Finalists Revealed

After a gruelling day of judging, the Mobile Marketing team has finally come to a decision and can reveal the 10 finalists for the Barca Starta 2014. We received entries

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