TAG links up with CAA to clean up Chinese digital advertising

The collaboration aims to provide Chinese companies with the tools to combat ad fraud in digital advertising, while providing recognition to these companies for their work via TAG’s Certified Against Fraud certification


TikTok, Oracle deal greenlit by Treasury, as video app searches for new boss

ByteDance received a revised terms sheet from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin earlier this week and the company accepted it along with Oracle


Burberry and Tencent debut social retail store

The store particularly relys on the hugely popular WeChat messaging platform


The US government is launching an investigation into TikTok

ByteDance Technology, the Bejing-based owners of the popular video sharing platform TikTok, are being investigated by the US government, according to a new report from Reuters. Two undisclosed sources stated


Google closes over 200 YouTube channels for Hong Kong protest disinformation

Google has shut down 210 channels on YouTube for spreading “coordinated” content about the Hong Kong protests, following in the footsteps of Twitter and Facebook, which both also purged several


Twitter and Facebook crack down on China-linked propaganda about Hong Kong

Both Twitter and Facebook have begun clamping down on China’s alleged use of their platforms to spread disinformation about the citizens of Hong Kong as protests continue to rage on


Chinese phone makers are capturing most of the Southeast Asian market

The Southeast Asian smartphone market was dominated by Chinese brands in the second quarter of 2019, taking 62 per cent of shipments in the region, according to Canalys. Chinese smartphone


Salesforce pens deal with Alibaba to expand its presence in China

Salesforce has joined forces with Alibaba to reach customers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The partnership sees Alibaba become the exclusive provider of Salesforce in the regions,


Brands have identified the opportunity for significant marketing spend in China: report

Brands are planning to invest heavily in China, eyeing the country as a market that presents a significant opportunity for them to grow their business, according to research from The

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How China is impacting the mobile industry

The Mobvista team look at the global impact China is having on the mobile app, advertising, and gaming worlds China is the biggest mobile market in the world. It boasts

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