US Retailers Joint Venture MCX Closes Mobile Wallet Beta

CurrentC, the mobile payment service developed by US merchant alliance MCX, is ending its beta test and postponing future releases, seemingly folding in the face of competition from the likes of Apple Pay. The


Wallet Wars

Mobile payments, in one form or another, have been in existence for just about as long as smartphones themselves. But, with Forrester predicting that mobile wallet usage will reach critical


JPMorgan Announces Apple Pay Competitor

The largest US bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, has revealed it plans to launch its own competitor to Apple Pay that will enable customers to pay retailers using their smartphones


Apple Pay – Whats the Competition?

The value of mobile payments worldwide reached $235.4bn (£150.7bn) last year, a 44 per cent increase on 2012’s $163.1bn, according to Gartner. But at the same time, the company downgraded


Two US Pharmacy Chains Shut Off Apple Pay

US pharmacy chains CVS and Rite Aid have stopped accepting payments from the just-launched Apple Pay system, possibly due to a competing digital wallet solution. Both companies stopped accepting payments


Merchant Customer Exchange Reveals CurrentC Payment Network

Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), the company formed by several leading US merchants to develop a customer-centric, secure mobile payment solution, has unveiled its CurrentC mobile payment network. Designed to simplify,

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