Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Exploring AI with Tealium

Lindsay McEwan, general manager for EMEA at Tealium, talks to Tim Maytom about a range of topics including the wealth of data available to marketers, how firms should manage digital

Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Finding the right channel with Leanplum

Oliver Stein, general manager for Leanplum Europe, offers his views on some of the key topics impacting the mobile marketing world today, from the rise of voice to the need

Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Crossing Devices with Cake

At Dmexco 2018, Tim Maytom meets up with Garth Harris, vice president of operations at Cake, to discuss how the firms Journey proposition has changed over the last year, and

Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Leading Viewability with InMobi

Tim Maytom sits down with Andy Powell, sales director for EMEA at InMobi, to discuss the shift towards time spent in-app, the companys determination to lead in viewability, and addressing

Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Boosting Transparency with Integral Ad Science

Nick Morley, managing director for EMEA at Integral Ad Science, walks Tim Maytom through the state of mobile, the different challenges of the in-app and mobile web environments, and the

Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Managing the tech stack with Spyke Media

Frank Maschmeier, CEO of Spyke Media, and Jeff Wilson, chief technical officer for Adnovation, take time to chat about their partnership, maintaining a smooth relationship with third party vendors, and

Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Becoming Iconic with CoreMedia

CoreMedias CEO, Sören Stamer, talks to Tim Maytom at Dmexco 2018 about working with luxury brands, building a unique brand narrative, and offering a cutting-edge retail environment. Check out our

Dmexco 2018

Dmexco 2018 – Evolving Programmatic with Rubicon Project

Tim Maytom talks to Joe Prusz, chief revenue officer at Rubicon Project, about the changing nature of the programmatic ecosystem, the push for transparency and the growth of video. Check

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