Google retires AdWords and DoubleClick brand names

Google has announced the biggest-ever rebranding of its advertising platform, retiring both the DoubleClick and AdWords brands in an effort to streamline the different entry points for both advertisers and


Google brings audio ads to DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google has made audio ads available through DoubleClick Bid Manager to all of its customers around the world, giving marketers to audio spots on Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn,


Rubicon Project opens up its guaranteed PMPs to DSPs

Advertising exchange Rubicon Project has opened up its guaranteed private marketplaces to third-party demand-side platforms (DSPs) for programmatic buying. The first DSP to sign up is Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager,


Programmatic Guaranteed saves publishers and advertisers more time, says Google

Google’s Programmatic Guaranteed, which is a method of delivering ad campaigns with a guaranteed number of impressions, reportedly saves publishers 57 per cent more time than traditional programmatic reservations. According


Rubicon Project pens deal with Google to integrate PMP trade into DoubleClick

Ad tech company Rubicon Project has seen its Private Marketplace (PMP) deals integrated into Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager through its new Orders API. With the integration, Bid Manager becomes the


Google: Up to 24 per cent of ad spend is wasted through overexposure

Digital ad campaigns bought on a single buying platform showed frequency improvements of as much as 24 per cent in avoiding over-exposure, compared to a siloed buying process. That’s according


Googles partnership with Smaato brings Exchange Bidding to DoubleClick publishers

Google has expanded its partnership with mobile advertising and app monetisation platform Smaato to give DoubleClick publishers access to Smaato’s mobile demand. The expanded partnership, which follows Smaato’s integration with


Google embraces the power of machine learning in new ads and analytics products

Google has introduced an array of products using the power of machine learning give marketers better data insights and targeting opportunities. The first of these products is Google Attribution, which


Google rolls out Programmatic Guaranteed to all DoubleClick users with new features

Google has made Programmatic Guaranteed available to all DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick for Publishers users with two new features – as it moves to silence criticisms and allegations levelled


Google ends its last look exchange bidding advantage – how will it impact on header bidding?

Googles diagram illustrating the exchange bidding process Google has reportedly changed the way its ad server works, to  remove the last look advantage it previously gave to its own exchange.

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