Report: Ad spending in China halts due to COVID-19 outbreak

Report: Ad Spending in China halts due to COVID-19 Outbreak


UK eCommerce spend accounted for more than a quarter of holiday season sales – report

The UK saw a record increase in eCommerce spending during the 2019 holiday season, with eCommerce accounting for 28.2 per cent of all holiday retail sales – beating out the


Hulu and Amazon are chipping away at Netflixs dominance

Netflix remains by far the most popular TV and film streaming platform, but Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are slowly stealing its dominant share of the market. According to research


Snapchat set to lose users to Instagram due to redesign

Multimedia messaging app Snapchat will see a 2.3 per cent decline of UK active users to 14.5 million in 2019 as Instagram will take around 300,000 of its audience, according to


Amazon Echo market share to drop by two-thirds in 2019 – report

According to a new report published by eMarketer, Amazon Echo shares in the US will drop by around 66 per cent in 2019, losing ground to competitors like the Google


Wearable devices most popular among Americans over 55

eMarketer has released a new report focused on the growth of wearable devices, including smartwatches and activity trackers. The study reported that wearable devices are most popular among Americans aged 55


UK ad blocking levels begin to stabilise

Growth in the use of ad blockers by UK consumers has slowed to single digits this year, indicating that the figure may be stabilising at around one quarter of internet


UK youth abandons Facebook, flocks to Snapchat

Snapchat is set to overtake Facebook among UK users aged 18-24 years old this year, as the video messaging platform continues to surge in popularity. According to the latest figures


Mobile drives increasing time spent viewing digital video in the UK

Time spent viewing digital video in the UK continues to grow, driven by the ever-rising amount of time we spend consuming content on our mobile devices. According to eMarketer’s latest


Media consumption in the UK has plateaued, despite higher engagement

Overall media usage in the UK will be close to reaching saturation point this year, as the media mix dynamic continues to transform with mobile overtaking TV for the first

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