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ePrivacy delays hint at the real impact of GDPR for marketers

With ePrivacy delayed in negotiations, the respite this brings supports other data showing that GDPR has hit companies harder than expected, says Teavaro lead consultant Ben McDermott… The ePrivacy Regulation

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ePrivacy Law

Searching for a middle ground: Fulfilled predictions and a sensible forecast after GDPR

With the digital marketing world now a month into the post-GDPR age, Teavaros Nico Pizzolato examines whats changed, what hasnt and what still needs to if the industry is going

ePrivacy Law

Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp hit by early GDPR complaints

A few days ago, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented, changing the way personal data is handled within the European Union (EU) and providing EU citizens with more

ePrivacy Law

Fears Over EU B2B Comms Rules Allayed

Ever since a draft of the EU’s new ePrivacy rules was leaked late last year, there has been much speculation, and consternation, about its potential impact on business-to-business (B2B) marketing. The

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