Trump Administration drafts a proposal to regulate social media censorship

The Trump Administration has drafted an executive order that would force the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate censorship across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, according to CNN.


The DOJ wants T-Mobile and Sprint to create a new competitor before merger is approved

T-Mobile and Sprint have hit another obstacle ahead of their merger deal, which hasn’t been fully backed by the Department of Justice quite yet. According to Bloomberg, the DOJ reportedly


T-Mobile and Sprint deal gains support from FCC but faces concern from DOJ

The controversial merger between T-Mobile and Sprint has moved a step closer to being finalized, after the two companies adjusted the terms of their deal to appease the Federal Communications


US Government shutdown prompts FCC to suspend operations

The Federal Communications Commission has announced that it will suspend almost all operations if the US government continues to be shutdown. According to Laura Phillips, an established telecoms lawyer with


Google’s radar-based hand motion sensor approved by US government

Google has received approval from the US government to boost power levels for its short-range interactive motion sensing Soli radar, increasing to the 57- to 64- GHz frequency band. The


California closes in on restoring Obama-style net neutrality laws

California legislators have taken a step closer to imposing strict net neutrality laws on internet providers operating within the state, placing them at odds with the policies established by the


FCC reveals rules for US 5G spectrum auction

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued the rules that will govern bidding on the sections of the high-band spectrum that will be used to create 5G, the next


Mozilla files suit against the FCC over net neutrality decision

Web browser developer Mozilla has filed a petition against the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) over its recent decision to overturn the 2015 Open Internet Order. The suit has been filed


FCC scraps net neutrality protections in controversial vote

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which governs US broadband and internet service providers among others, has voted to roll back protections that enshrined the principles of net neutrality into law.


Viewpoint: No Neutral Ground

I’ve been covering the world of digital marketing for less than five years, but even in my brief time, the industry has seen several events that have been trumpeted as

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