Trump Administration drafts a proposal to regulate social media censorship

The Trump Administration has drafted an executive order that would force the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate censorship across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, according to CNN.


Facebook has had another eventful period, but can it continue to overcome the negatives?

The past few weeks have been very interesting for Facebook. It has increased transparency by providing users with more information about why they are being targeted with an ad, and


Facebook jumps in users and revenue despite battle with FTC

Despite ongoing legal battles with the US government, including a new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust investigation, Facebook has continued to add users and increase revenue, according to the social


Google and FTC reach a multimillion-dollar settlement in wake of YouTube violations

Google and the Federal Trade Commission have reached a settlement following the investigation into YouTube’s failure to protect children’s data and information, according to The Washington Post. Google is expected


US senators are asking the FTC to regulate big tech censorship practices

In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, two US senators have raised major concerns over the censorship practices of big tech companies in America. US Senators Josh Hawley (R-Mo.)


Facebook facing record $5bn fine

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved a fine of around $5bn against Facebook for misuse of user data in relation to the Cambridge Analytica scandal – a punishment which


US retailers are asking the FTC to go after Google and Amazon

This week, The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), which includes representation from Walmart, Target and Best Buy, wrote a 10-page letter to the Federal Trade Commission, highlighting antitrust concerns over


TikTok reaches $5.7m settlement with FTC

Creators of the lip-syncing app Musical.ly, now known as TikTok, have agreed to pay the Federal Trade Commission a $5.7m settlement after the app allegedly collected children’s information without parental


DC sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica scandal

Karl Racine, the attorney general of the District of Columbia, has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, after this years earlier revelation that the social network had allowed Cambridge Analytica to


Coalition of childrens groups claims YouTube has been illegally collecting data on kids

YouTube has been accused of improperly collecting the personal data of young children, with a coalition of more than 20 advocacy, consumer and privacy groups filing a complaint with the

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