Facebook hit with fine for under-reporting illegal content complaints in Germany

German authorities have issued Facebook with a €2m ($2.3m/£1.77m) fine for breaching the country’s internet transparency law by under-reporting the number of complaints it received about illegal content. Under the


Germany may demand that Facebook stop collecting some user data

German antitrust authorities are reportedly planning on ordering Facebook to stop collecting some user data – after finding that the social network has been abusing its market dominance to keep


Germany launches investigation into Amazons marketplace

Germany has opened an investigation against Amazon, looking at the eCommerce giant’s ‘business and practices’ toward third-party sellers on Germany’s competition regulator, the Bundeskartellamt, is investigating areas where Amazon


German court finds Facebooks use of personal data to be illegal

A German court has ruled that Facebook’s use of personal data is illegal, due to the social media platform failing to obtain informed consent for the use of the data


Germany bans childrens smartwatches, deeming them to be spying devices

Germany has decided to ban the sale of smartwatches for children because they can be used by parents to eavesdrop on kids and those around them. The Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network


MMA Launches New Chapter in Germany

The Mobile Marketing Association has opened a new chapter in Germany, the worlds fifth biggest mobile ad spend market, with founding member companies including Adsquare, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google and Unilever.


Facebook To Crack Down on Xenophobic and Racist Content

Facebook is set to outline measures aimed at dealing with racist and xenophobic content following calls by the German Justice Ministry to combat the rise of hate posts on social


Blendle News App Signs up Every German Newspaper

Netherlands-based news startup Blendle has just signed up every major national German newspaper to its app, representing a considerable vote of confidence in its micropayment-based model by the German press.


Uber Banned in Germany Following Court Ruling

A court in Frankfurt, Germany has issued a temporary injunction against app-based taxi service Uber, effectively banning the service from operating in the region. The ruling states that the company


Official: UK is Europe’s Top Facebook Nation

New data from Facebook reveals for the first time the relative usage of the social network across a number of key European markets. The UK pips Sweden to the post

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