G-Star combines online and in-store shopping experience

Customers in G-Star stores can use their iPhones to scan QR codes or tap NFC-enabled information tags on one of the shop windows or in-store mannequins to gain information about outfits on display


Levis and Ganni collaborate on denim rental service

The ‘Love Letter’ capsule collection features three pieces of clothing made from upcycled vintage Levi’s and repurposed denim and is supported by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology


“Tap our Cap”: Wine brand launches bottles with NFC technology

Californian wine brand Böen has partnered with SharpEnd and Guala Closures to bring Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to its wine bottle caps. Starting today, consumers can purchase Böen wine bottles


Malibu brings its connected bottles to the US

Following the kick-off of its ‘Malibu Games’ for a second-year last month, Pernod Ricard-owned alcoholic beverage brand Malibu is deploying 300,000 connected bottles in the US. The connected bottles will


Malibu deploys 300,000 connected bottles as part of summer campaign

Drinks brand Malibu has deployed 300,000 connected bottles across Europe as part of its 2018 Because Summer campaign. The brand has been experimenting with NFC smart packaging since 2015, but


MLBs Oakland Athletics tests NFC ticketing via iPhone, Apple Watch

MLB Major League Baseball (MLB) team the Oakland Athletics are reportedly piloting a NFC-powered ticketing system that enables fans to use their iPhones or Apple Watch to gain entry to


Spanish winemaker Barbadillo rolls out NFC promotion with Thinfilm

Spanish winemaker Barbadillo has launched an NFC campaign promoting a cash prize giveaway on bottles of its Castillo de San Diego wine. 126,000 bottles have been NFC-enabled, using Thinfilm’s SpeedTap


Visas Olympic NFC Payments Ring Goes on Sale

Visa has made its NFC payment ring, which debuted at the Rio 2016 Games on the fingers of Visa-sponsored athletes, available for public pre-order. The rings, using a design by McLear & Co including a secure


Apple: Opening Up iPhone NFC Will Compromise Security

Apple has claimed that opening up iPhone NFC chips to mobile banking use outside of Apple Pay would compromise the phones security. The claim follows four Australian banks requesting permission


Cornetto Stops Couples Stream Cheating with Series Commitment Rings

Unilever has launched Series Commitment, a campaign for its Cornetto ice cream brand that manages to tick off two mobile marketing buzzwords: video streaming and wearable technology. The campaign promises to combat

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