Facebook generated over $700m of its revenue from adblock users

Facebook is said to have generated $709m of its advertising revenue from showing ads to adblock users on desktop, after implementing tamper-proof technology last year. The $709m figure relates to


AdBlock Plus hits back at IAB claims that adblock users are stagnating

AdBlock Plus (ABP) has fired back at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) after YouGov research, commissioned by the Bureau, revealed that UK adblocking adoption had plateaued at 22 per cent


Pagefair CEO: “People don’t have a right to not see ads”

Pagefair CEO Sean Blanchfield has defended his company’s policy of serving ads to consumers who have deployed ad blockers. Blanchfield was speaking at a Westminster eForum event this morning about


22 per cent of Global Smartphone Users Blocking Ads

Mobile ads may be more vulnerable to ad blocking than previously thought, with a study showing that 419m people globally are blocking ads on the mobile web, equivalent to 22


Ad Block Update – Three, Pagefair, Ovum, New York Times

Ad Block Update is our fortnightly round-up of the latest developments in the ongoing battle between the ad industry and ad blockers. This time round, news of a network-level ad-blocking


22 Per Cent of Smartphone Users Blocking Mobile Web Ads

419m people – 22 per cent of the world’s 1.9bn smartphone users – are blocking ads on the mobile web, according to a report from PageFair. Notably, that figure doesnt include content blocking apps or in-app blockers, but


Three Announces Network Level Ad-blocking Trial

UK mobile network Three has unveiled plans to trial ad-blocking technology at the network level next month, eliminating mobile ads for all users in a move it says it motivated


Ad Blocking More Like Climate Change than the Adpocalypse, says PageFair

The current trend towards ad blocking is more like climate change than the ‘adpocalypse’ it is often compared to; the growth in ad blocking by consumers is linear rather than


3 Turns to Ad Blocking: The Industry Reacts

Earlier today, 3 announced it would be the first European operator to deploy network-level ad blocking technology from Shine. Its just the latest development in the ongoing saga of mobile


The Climate Change of Digital Marketing

Ever since Apple revealed that iOS 9 would allow users to install ad blocking software to work with its Safari web browser, it feels like ad blocking has never been

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