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G-Star combines online and in-store shopping experience

Customers in G-Star stores can use their iPhones to scan QR codes or tap NFC-enabled information tags on one of the shop windows or in-store mannequins to gain information about outfits on display

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Yeo Valley launches connected packaging across Organic range

Consumers are able to use their smartphones to scan the ‘Moo-R’ QR codes on more than 100m Yeo Valley Organic products and discover product information, brand content, and future promotions

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Emmi gamifies its latest product promotion via Tetra Pak QR codes

The games, developed by Appetite Creative, each correspond to one of the four milk products being promoted: Oat Milk Drink, Balance Drink, High Protein Milk Drink, and Milk Drink

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Isobar Brazil launches programmatic print campaign centred on a QR code

Isobar Brazil has launched a campaign in Brazil that uses a QR Code to deliver promotional content from McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway, in a print ad. The new ad

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Malibu brings its connected bottles to the US

Following the kick-off of its ‘Malibu Games’ for a second-year last month, Pernod Ricard-owned alcoholic beverage brand Malibu is deploying 300,000 connected bottles in the US. The connected bottles will

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Twitter Introduces Snapchat-style QR Codes

Twitter has introduced a new way of connecting to user accounts on its service: QR codes. Users can generate a QR code within the app, including their choice of profile picture. When

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Alipay Picks Zapper as First UK Mobile Partner

With the pound dropping in value against foreign currencies, tourism is up, and Chinas upcoming Golden Week of public holidays will see Chinese tourists increasing their spending in the UK

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Facebook Brings Usernames, Codes and Link to Messenger

Facebook has introduced usernames, links and codes to Messenger, as new ways of adding contacts. Codes are visual QR-style markers which can be scanned – either in person, from the users phone screen, or by sharing

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Zapper and PayPal Partner for One Touch Mobile Payment

Mobile payments and data insights platform Zapper has partnered with PayPal to provide customers with an alternative payment option when it comes to quickly, securely and seamlessly paying their restaurant

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PowaTag Expands to Canada with Moneris Deal

Mobile payment solution PowaTag is set to expand into Canada following a deal with Moneris, one of North Americas largest processors of debit and credit card payments, which will become

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