Google makes it easier to find where your nearest voting location is

People who go to Google Search for voting information will now be able easily find details on things such as ‘early voting locations’ or ‘ballot drop boxes near me’


Google debuts virtual visiting cards on Search

The feature will enable people in India to set up cards with information about themselves – similar to the ones seen when you search a celebrity’s name


Most consumers dont trust search results

Yext survey finds that UK consumers are happy to continue using search engines but have little trust in the results


Google expands college search features

Google has expanded the features available to US students who are looking for more information about colleges. The college search feature, which was introduced last year, now includes a discovery


Google announces new visual features on Search and Lens

Using the camera, computer vision, and augmented reality, Google will be rolling out new features for Lens and Search, which will help users gather information in a more engaging and


Nearly a quarter of advertisers are buying Googles Responsive Search Ads

Instagram has continued to grow its share of spend on Facebook as Instagram Stories remains as one of the key ways to reach millennials digitally. The research, by Marin Software,


Google brings shoppable ads to image searches

Google has taken a leaf out of Instagram and Pinterest’s playbooks and begun trialling shoppable ads within image searches. The ad format enables brands and retailers to highlight products available


Google shuts down secret China project after internal disputes

Google has been forced to shut down the data analysis system used to research Chinese search engine results, following internal complaints from Google’s privacy team. According to The Intercept, usage


Google employees petition firm to end Chinese search project

A group of engineers and managers at Google have published an open letter calling for the company to end its development of a censored search engine designed for the Chinese


Apple App Store ads set to become a $2bn business by 2020

Apple’s Search Ads business could be set to generate more than $500m in revenue this and then make four times that by 2020. According to a note from Bernstein analyst

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